It was Ubisoft's turn to take the stage at E3 2018, with a number of flashy trailers and walkthroughs, but very few new game announcements.

After the obligatory musical performance for Just Dance 2019, the show kicked off with a new trailer for Beyond Good & Evil 2.

A new partnership with HitRECord was announced, inviting artists around the world to contribute artwork, music and story ideas.

While it was overlooked at the conference, HitRECord's founder Joseph Gordon-Levitt has since clarified that all contributors will be paid.

Ubisoft Redlynx's Creative Director, Antti Ilvessuo then took to the stage sporting an outfit inspired by Evel Knievel to announced the new Trials Rising.

"Trials is all about crashing with style and then getting back up again," after a stunt dive through a TV screen.

Trials Rising will release in February 2019 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch and is available for pre-order at Mighty Ape.

Julian Gerighty, Creative Director at Massive Entertainment then outlined the upcoming release of The Division 2, as well as the game's post-release content plan.

"Once agents reach the end of the campaign it's time to select a new path by picking a specialisation," Gerighty noted, with Sharpshooter, Demolitionist, Survivalist classes on display. "It starts with a choice of a signature weapon – powerful and unique weapons that compliment the rest of your equipment.

"As you progress with your specialisation you will not only grow in power, but also unlock additional tools and abilities including exclusive versions of skills."

In addition to specialisations, The Division 2 will be getting Raid content, available for 8 player groups.

"We're launching with plans for years of frequent major content updates," Gerighty added. Year One will consist of three episodes of content. Each one will introduce new story, areas, and activities to the game.

All three episodes will be free.

The Division 2 releases March 15 2019 and is available for pre-order at Mighty Ape.

Next up, Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle got an on-stage musical performance to celebrate its latest DLC, Donkey Kong Adventure – available June 26.

Skull & Bones then got an in depth look, with Creative Director, Justin Farren setting the scene by stating "Piracy is dead in the Caribbean, so the next destination is the Indian Ocean."

From their Hideout, players can customise their ships, crews, and armaments each time they set out to loot and plunder – taking the right tools for the job.

Fortunes can reveal changes in factions, weather and trade routes in what Farren describes as "a highly reactive world."

Skull & Bones will be set in a shared open world, where players can join forces against Imperial armadas, or turn on each other to steal a recently claimed treasure, and will release in 2019.

Toys to life game Starlink: Battle for Atlas introduced a new character with the reveal of Starfox – exclusive to the Nintendo Switch edition.

Creative Director, Laurent Malville noted that "Starfox was the first game I ever played on the Super Nintendo, so this is a dream come true."

Yves Guillemot then joined him on stage to present a model of the Starlink ship to returning Nintendo legend Shigeru Miyamoto, who was sitting in the audience. After last year's appearance for Mario + Rabbids, one can only hope that this becomes a yearly ritual.

Starlink: Battle for Atlas will release October 16 for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and is available for pre-order at Mighty Ape.

For Honor's next update is Marching Fire and will release October 16.

The update will introduce a new faction, four new fighters, and an all new 4v4 castle-seige mode called Breach.

Lastly, Ubisoft Quebec's Creative Director, Jonathon Dumont detailed the upcoming Assassin's Creed Odyssey.

Set in Ancient Greece, players will have the choice between playing as Alexios or Kassandra – the son or daughter of Leonidas. Once chosen, players will stay with that character for the entire game.

Combat and gameplay look to have followed on from last year's AC Origins, although it's going to be a challenge not to yell "THIS IS SPARTA" every time you kick an enemy off a ledge.

Assassin's Creed Odyssey will release October 5 and is available to pre-order on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One at Mighty Ape.

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