More than 200 songs will disappear from Guitar Hero Live at the end of this year, leaving players with just the 42 songs that ship on the game’s disc.

That’s because Activision is axing Guitar Hero Live's interactive music service, GHTV, which provides channels of rotating songs for players to jam along with.

GHTV replaced the DLC model used in previous Guitar Hero games, but only lets you choose which song to play if you spend coins earned in-game or purchased with real world money. It also offers premium shows that can be unlocked the same way.

Otherwise, players are stuck playing along with the game’s pre-selected song rotation.

This system apparently made acquiring the rights to songs easier for Activision, but it was clear that one day the service would disappear, and that day is December 1, 2018.

In addition, the iOS version Guitar Hero Live is no longer be available for download, but if you currently own the app, have it installed on your device, and don’t update your phone, you can continue to play it until December.

Guitar Hero Live tried a lot of new things, but failed to capture the magic of earlier entries.

“It’s still one of the best games for achieving a zoned-out flow state of mastery, and Live’s presentation is immaculate,” I wrote in our 2015 review.

“With more songs and another channel promised for GHTV, it can only get better too. Just a shame about that lack of DLC.”