The studio that created digital collectible card game The Elder Scrolls: Legends is no longer working on the project.

Bethesda has dropped Dire Wolf Digital from the game, which will now be further developed and supported by Sparkypants Studios, the company behind quick match competitive RTS Dropzone.

Bethesda said that although Dire Wolf designed and created a wonderful card game, it believes the move will allow it to deliver on the promise of Legends.

“Everything we do is in the interest of our valued community and the game’s long-term growth and success,” Bethesda wrote in a blog post on Steam.

“A decision like this is never easy, but we need to constantly look ahead and think about the future of Legends.

“Dire Wolf has been a great partner who laid the foundation for what is today a strong, compelling and strategic card game set in the Elder Scrolls universe,” the company added.

“We believe that moving to a new developer now allows us to deliver on the promise of Legends to our players in the best possible way under Bethesda’s guidance and direction.”

Bethesda pledged to better support the game with regular updates, new features, competitive scene support and the other requests from fans.

“We have heard your requests and believe this is the best path to continue improving the game,” it said.

Existing players’ Collections, including pre-made decks, titles and any purchased or earned content, will not be affected by the switch.

Bethesda’s Pete Hines and Community Manager Christian Van Hoose will field questions about the change this weekend on Twitch.