Hearthstone's next expansion is a witch-y affair that brings a chunk of news cards and another dungeon run-style mode to the game.

Witchwood features 135 new cards, a new Echo keyword that allows a card to be played multiple times on the same turn, and a new Rush keyword that which lets minions attack other minions on the same turn that they hit the board.

New cards include Azalina Soulthief, which replaces your hand with an exact copy of your opponent's hand; Genn Greymane, a neutral minion who reduces the cost of your starting Hero Power to one if your deck has only even-cost cards at start of a game; and Baku the Mooneater, who upgrades your Hero Power if your deck contains only odd-cost cards at the start of a game.

Elsewhere, Worgen cards swap attack and health each turn they're in your hand, so you can play them at different times for different results.

Further Witchwood card reveals will begin on March 26. You can see current revealed cards here.

The expansion's new Monster Hunt mode is similar to the Dungeon Run from Kobolds & Catacombs in that it pits players against a series of eight increasingly difficult encounters leading into a big boss fight.

There will be four new heroes, each with their own hero power.

Hearthstone: The Witchwood will launch in mid-April.