Bloodsucking RPG Vampyr will release on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC on June 5.

The game is from Life is Strange studio Dontnod, and was previously slated for a November 2017 release.

Vampyr is an action adventure that place in London during the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic.

You play a doctor who has been turned into a vampire, and who must comes to terms with his undead condition as he is torn between the Hippocratic Oath and his newfound bloodthirsty nature.

Killing is optional, but you'll be weaker for not doing it, and while some in the world kinda deserve a neck bite, their deaths might have unforeseen effects on the community you're trying to save.

I very much liked what I saw of the game at E3 in 2016, and that has made Vampyr one of my most anticipated games of this year.