A Kiwi-made love letter to boss fights is seeking funds on Kickstarter.

Introspect is described by five-man studio Clockwork Giants as a high velocity boss rush game set in a crumbling post-apocalyptic world.

A third-person shooter that demands players use all three dimensions to survive and progress, Introspect aims to bring high mobility shootouts against massive machines of war to PC next year.

There's mention of giant spider tanks and flailing metal tentacles, and the whole package looks a little reminiscent of Platinum Games' excellent third-person slide-a-thon Vanquish.

"We're trying to explore movement as a core system in a third-person shooter game," said Clockwork Giants director Simon Jiang.

"The player should feel like an underdog, relying on speed to take down a much larger foe."

Avoidance is the key to emerging victorious against the game's colossal mechs, and players will be able to rocket slide, power jump, and grapple to safety.

Weak points on bosses can be exploited using an upgradeable hovering drone.

Clockwork Giants has been working on Introspect for about 10 months using its own cash and some incubator funding, but it needs to raise some money to finish and polish the game within a reasonable time frame.

It has set the game's Kickstarter goal at NZ$20,000.

Check out the pitch and a free demo of the game over on the game's Kickstarter page.