Sega has announced that a spiritual successor to 1997 classic Theme Hospital is on the way from a pair of that game's developers.

Two Point Hospital is a new management sim from former Lionhead and Bullfrog developers Mark Webley and Gary Carr, working under the name Two Point Studios.

The game will have the same quirky tone of Theme Hospital – with diseases like Light Headedness, Slack Tongue, and King Complex – but according to Two Point Studios, it will very much be its own thing.

"We've been thinking of coming back to these Bullfrog-esque games for a while," Webley told PC Gamer.

"When we did Theme Hospital we had ideas for Theme Prison, Theme Resort. We went our separate ways and kept talking about getting back together.

"We don't like to think of it as a spiritual succession to Theme Hospital as such, we like to think of it as a thing in its own right—something new and different," he added.

"Thematically, of course, there are similarities, but we're making a completely new game. This isn't a reskinning of something we've already done."

Two Point Hospital is expected to release on Steam later this year, and mod support will be added shortly after launch.

Sega announces Theme Hospital spiritual successor Two Point Hospital