PikPok Games' sci-fi racer Breakneck got a full Steam launch this week.

The game, originally created for iOS and Android in 2015, had been in Early Access since February 2016.

Breakneck has players race a hovering vessel endlessly through a stark, alien-occupied Earth, skimming past obstacles, avoiding enemies, and collecting resources.

The desktop version includes improved graphics, Steam Cloud and Achievements, rotating missions and challenges, boosts and unlockable ship upgrades, and an original soundtrack by music artist Kadington.

It also features a virtual reality mode with support for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

In related news, this week PikPok also launched Slam Dunk King for Android on Google Play.

The game is already availabile on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch on the App Store.

Slam Dunk King is a basketball arcade game that features multiple game modes and unlockable custom content.

Players must master and chain together dunking tricks, combos, and power-ups to become the Slam Dunk King.

Working in partnership with Krome Studios, PikPok recently updated Slam Dunk King on iOS, bringing the six year old fan favourite up to 64-bit compatibility.

The studios have partnered once again to bring Slam Dunk King to Google Play, revamping the retro hit with bug fixes, updated compatibility and support, and all new themed court and ball content.

The Slam Dunk King app is available for free for Android on Google Play, and on the App Store.