Valve's beloved Portal series is returning, via Headup Games' rather self-explanatory physics-based building game Bridge Constructor.

In Bridge Constructor, you are tasked with building bridges that allow traffic to flow from one part of a level to another.

Bridge Constructor Portal works the same way, but also introduces the Portal gun, rebound barriers, sentry turrets, and other Portal mainstays to the action.

"Bridge Constructor Portal will blend the laws of structural engineering and technology straight from Aperture Laboratories into an exciting new game experience, all under the demanding gaze of GLaDOS," said Headup Games.

The last Portal game was 2011’s Portal 2, although Valve has allowed protagonist Chell and the game's Sentry Turret and Companion Cube to guest star elsewhere, notably in Lego Dimensions.

Bridge Constructor Portal will release on December 20 for Windows, Mac and Linux, as well as for mobile devices.

Console versions will follow in early 2018.

Bridge Constructor debuted in 2012 on mobile, and has sold more than a million copies across mobile and PC.

Portal returns in standalone Bridge Constructor mashup