Doritos asked Geoff Keighley to wear a Doritos Pope costume this year at The Game Awards, but sadly, he declined.

On the latest episode of Kotaku SplitScreen, Keighley said that he couldn't be picky about sponsorships, but the Doritos pitch was a step too far (skip to about 1:08:00 in).

"Because gamers always feel slighted with how games are celebrated, there's such a spotlight put on our show – what we do right, what we do wrong," he said, referencing last year's cringe-worthy Schick Hydrobot integration.

"We can have one bad marketing integration and it becomes the scourge of the Internet. I can't wait for the day we can be so picky we can literally decide which sponsors we want… you have to find the money to make the show."

Marketing in The Game Awards is no different from traditional US TV or something like the NFL, said Keighley.

"It's more global too, and I think in Europe and other countries there's different standards for what kind of marketing and product placement is tolerable," he said.

"At the end of the day people do hold the show to a really high standard, because we all want this moment to celebrate games in a big way.

"There's still brands that won't get it. This year Doritos called up and asked would I be willing to wear the Doritos pope outfit and host the entire show. We're not gonna do that, I don't wanna make a mockery of the show. This is to celebrate game development, it's not about you," he added.

"I was offended in a way too, because I get the meme and I poke fun at it all the time. I'm not opposed to it. But it shouldn't be about me, it shouldn't be about Doritos… we have to always be in service of the game creators."

Schick is trying to turn things around things this year by sponsoring an indie award and giving away game keys, but "there's a lot of brand that don't get it, and that's what's frustrating", Keighley said.

Doritos asked Geoff Keighley to wear Doritos Pope outfit at Game Awards