The battle royale genre continues to gain popularity, as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds hits some impressive new milestones and Fornite: Battle Royale continues to do well on the back of PUBG’s success.

Last month PUBG surpassed the record for most concurrent players on Steam, a record previously held by DOTA 2 with 1.3 concurrent players. This was just the beginning, as yesterday PUBG set an impressive new record, hitting a whopping 2,016,498 concurrent players.

This player count milestone was met just as the game hit 15 million sales on Steam according to figures on Steamspy. This data shows the game has sold almost four million copies in under a month. The sales trend has increased further in the past few days, with almost 700,000 copies sold between the October 9-10 – the day the game surpassed the 15 million sales mark.

Other games are also doing well off the success of PUBG, including the battle royale spinoff of Epic Game’s Fornite. In a tweet yesterday, Epic announced that the free-to-play mode had been downloaded 10 million times in the two weeks since its launch. Epic said on Monday that the game had 525,000 peak concurrent users, and 3.7 million active daily players.