Stationeers missed its September Early Access release window, but in a video celebrating the game's first year of development, Dean Hall says it is a better game for the delay.

The latest title from New Zealand developer RocketWerkz, Stationeers is a construction and management game in which players can gather and process resources in order to build out a space station.

However, RocketWerkz made the decision to add a mothership mechanic to the game, which has pushed back its release. This new mechanic allows players to use the resources processed at their station to build and fuel a mothership which will be used for exploration and combat, as well as for completing missions and events in space.

Hall said the team was inspired by similar mechanics in games such as Space Engineers, Barotrauma and Ark: Survival Evolved.

The team voted unanimously to implement the new mechanic “because it just added so much more depth”, Hall said.

The game has seen various other improvements since last demoed at EGX Rezzed in March this year, including graphical improvements due to RocketWerkz hiring ex-Bohemian project lead Petr Kolar. The games avatars, for example, are now fully animated figures instead of the block-based, Minecraft-esque figures they were previously.

Hall said that they are not going to put another Early Access release date on the game, despite it being in a feature-ready, stable state. The team’s goal is to release the game into Early Access when they are in a position to do “rapid updates” following launch.

New mechanics delay Early Access release of Stationeers
New mechanics delay Early Access release of Stationeers