If you're keen for a third game in the twisted Alice franchise, American McGee would like to hear from you.

In a recent blog post, McGee said he is starting work on a proposal for the next chapter in Alice’s adventures – one that he intends to send to Alice IP owner EA.

The proposal will include artwork, design outline, and a business model for a game tentatively titled Alice: Asylum.

The game would be a follow-up to 2000's American McGee's Alice and 2011's Alice: Madness Returns.

"Let’s show EA how many people want a new Alice game!" McGee wrote, urging people to support his effort by signing up to his mailing list.

McGee told GamesBeat he had collected more than 6000 sign-ups in his campaign's first 12 hours.

"I’d say the reaction is pretty solid," he said.

McGee was compelled to put the proposal together by the constant questioning of Alice fans during livestreams for his crowdfunded fairytale tabletop card game and book, Out of the Woods.

"That project led to me doing livestreams on YouTube during which there’s a lot of great interaction with fans," McGee said.

"There’s a constant barrage of questions regarding the next chapter in Alice’s adventures and I can’t seem to convince the fans take accept ‘it’s up to EA.’ So I figure I’ll start spec’ing out what the next chapter might look like – open that conversation to the fans during the streams – and see where it leads us."

McGee's China-based studio, Spicy Horse, closed last July after a decade of operation.