Aussie FPS / world-building hybrid title Gunscape just got a new sci-fi horror makeover.

That's thanks to a DLC pack called the Seismic Pack, which adds a new mode, ghoulish enemies, a suite of level-building tools, and four new guns to the game.

The latter are the Death Grip, the Fusion Magnum, the Surge Gauntlet and the Mark VII Singularity Sword. Seismic also adds eerie avatar skins and what are apparently chilling musical tracks to the mix.

As for the new mode, it has players collect gold to gain points in the midst of gun-blazing firefights.

In addition to the Seismic Pack, Gunscape also just received a free update to enable PC to PlayStation 4 and PC to Xbox One cross-play.

"We're excited to see how Gunscape's passionate players incorporate the Seismic Pack's futuristic horror aesthetic into the content they create," said Blowfish Studios CEO Benjamin Lee.

"The talent and imagination players have displayed thus far has been nothing short of astounding, and we are looking forward to the surprises our fans will supply."

The Seismic DLC pack is now available for US$3.

Gunscape is a shooter that challenges players to develop single-player and cooperative campaign missions, which can then be uploaded and shared with the entire community.

It has been downloaded more than 350,000 times.