Microsoft's upcoming Mixed Reality headsets won't need external cameras to operate, and are compatible with SteamVR, the company has announced.

In an update on the Windows Blog, Microsoft technical fellow Alex Kipman outlined his company's plans for the launch of the headsets this holiday, and re-iterated its goals: easy setup, affordability, and choice.

At launch, Windows Mixed Reality headsets will be the first to deliver VR experiences with built-in sensors to track your physical position without requiring you to purchase and install external sensors in your room.

As well as cutting setup time, this also means the Windows headsets are more portable than the competition.

In addition, Steam content will run on Windows Mixed Reality headsets, giving owners access to a robust catalogue of virtual reality games and experiences.

"The introduction of Windows Mixed Reality headsets is a big step forward for VR," said Valve’s Joe Ludwig.

"Working with Microsoft to include Steam VR compatibility with these devices is also a big step in growing VR as an open platform for developers and consumers."

Microsoft’s line of headsets is being manufactured by a variety of hardware partners ranging from Acer to Lenovo, and they are priced from US$399 for a headset and motion controller bundle.

In related news, PlayStation VR is getting a price cut of sorts in the US, where from September 1, it will be available for its current price of US$399, but with a PlaySTation Camera (which retailers for US$60) now included.