Ubisoft is making preparations to fend off a potential takeover bid by French media conglomerate Vivendi, in advance of its annual general shareholders' meeting.

On September 29th, Ubisoft's shareholders will elect or re-elect four directors to its Board (currently sporting nine members), including co-founders Yves and Gerard Guillemot.

Vivendi has been buying up Ubisoft stock for nearly a year, and recently completed a hostile takeover of Ubisoft-adjacent mobile developer Gameloft.

With 20 percent of voting rights, Vivendi - which formerly owned Activision Blizzard, before that company bought its own independence - could make proposals at the meeting, which could herald the start of a takeover.

Ubisoft has spent months trying to bolster its relationships with investors, including the Canadian government and its own staff, in an attempt to ward off a Vivendi takeover.

Earlier in the year, the company launched WeAre.Ubisoft.com, which illustrates the firm's 30-year history and operations, while employees built WeLoveUbisoft.com, which features photographs of employees and fans alongside the statement, "We stand together. We are Ubisoft."

Just this month, the founding Guillemot brothers purchased an additional 3.5 percent of Ubisoft (adding to their previous 9 percent stake) to shore up further control over their thus-far independent company.

Ubisoft will hold a press event on September 21st to discuss the past, present, and future of the company - just a week out from its shareholders' meeting.