Space ship-based FPS Descent could be back.

Descent IP holder Interplay has partnered with former Star Citizen president of production and development Eric "Wingman" Peterson to pitch the game – Descent: Undergroundon Kickstarter.

If funded and created, it will be the first official Descent title since 1999’s Descent 3.

A number of other long-time industry veterans are on board, and collectively will make the game under the banner Descendent Studios.

According to the Kickstarter pitch, Descent: Underground will feature multiple types of customisable ships, upgradable weapons and sensors with richly-detailed tech trees, destructible voxel maps, mod support, a map editor, and more.

Matches will support up to 16 players, four modes have been announced so far, and it will run on Unreal Engine 4.

It’s not immediately clear from the Kickstarter or the game’s official site whether there will be a singleplayer component (since confirmed).

At the time of writing, Descent: Underground had raised US$72,442 of its US$600,000 goal, with 31 days remaining.