Fez developer Phil Fish and Depression Quest developer Zoe Quinn are among those who have had personal information published online after their Dropbox accounts were hacked by an unknown third party.

The information posted publicly included email addresses, passwords, and bank account numbers.

Fish said on Twitter that his Dropbox account had been "doxed". His former colleague, ex-Polytron programmer Renaud Bédard confirmed that the company’s Dropbox had been compromised.

The hackers also took control of Fish’s Twitter account, as well as the Polytron website.

Fish has his Twitter back although all his tweets have been deleted, while Polytron is currently down.

Prior to the tweet deletions, Fish announced that he is completely quitting the industry, and that Polytron and Fez were up for sale.

“No reasonable offer will be turned down,” he tweeted.

“I am done. I want out.”

Last July, Fish cancelled development of Fez II and announced he was quitting the industry after a dust-up with a GameTrailers employee.

Meanwhile, Quinn addressed theories that the hacking had all been a publicity stunt: