According to a Kotaku source, the Aliens videogame in development at The Creative Assembly is an FPS that casts the player as Ripley’s daughter.

The game – allegedly called Alien: Isolation, which Sega trademarked today – stars Amanda, Ellen Ripley’s daughter who died while Ellen was in stasis following the events of Alien.

As Amanda, the player will allegedly spend most if not all of the game on a single space station, battling clones and soldiers.

According to the source, Isolation is heavily-inspired by the film Alien, and as such only features one alien for much of its run time. Vents, lockers, and melee weapons supposedly play a big part.

It will feature both stealth and horror elements, and is apparently influenced by Dishonored and Bioshock.

Although it has been delayed at least once – it was supposed to be announced at E3 this year – Isolation will apparently surface on current- and next-gen consoles in 2014.