All Xbox One online multiplayer games will feature dedicated servers, Microsoft has confirmed.

Responding to the question "Can you confirm if the free Xbox compute resources includes dedicated servers for all Xbox One games?" on Twitter, Microsoft director of product planning Albert Penello simply answered “Yes”.

Over on the Xbox Newswire, Xbox Live lead program manager John Bruno expanded further.

“If you have played a lot of multiplayer games, you know that playing on dedicated game servers has advantages over peer-to-peer gameplay,” Bruno said.

“No more host migration interruptions, suboptimal experiences for the host, home network NAT constraints, or player cheating!”

Elsewhere, Microsoft is still pushing performance benefits of its cloud network, despite some scepticism about its likely impact.

“As you have heard over the course of the past weeks, Xbox One will benefit greatly from the power of the Xbox Live cloud,” said Bruno.

“This service is specifically designed to enable game creators to utilise the scalable computing resources that Microsoft deploys within our regional datacenters, to enhance their game experiences beyond what is generally possible with the finite resources of a console.”

One of the bigger impacts of the cloud was its ability to offload computations for all sorts of environmental elements, said Bruno.

“The flagship example of this application of cloud computing can be found with Forza Motorsports 5 and its Drivatar system,” he said.