All forthcoming Eurogamer Expos will be booth babe-free, managing director Rupert Lohman has said.

His announcement comes after complaints about two companies at this year’s event who showed up with promo staff that were “dressed inappropriately”, he said.

The offending companies were moved into an R18 zone, but as a result the Expo will be taking a hard-line stance next year.

“We want the games to do the talking and we want to present games and gamers in the best possible light,” said Lohman.

“That’s why every game on the show floor is playable. It’s why all the booths are open (so you can watch and talk about games while you’re waiting). It’s why we cap the number of tickets on sale to make it a more pleasant experience (although we know there’s more we need to do in this area to reduce queue times). And it’s why we have game branding rather than publisher branding.”

“One of the things we also decided was that we didn’t want booth babes at the show.”

"We’ve always had an informal guideline regarding booth babes: we don’t think they are right for the Expo. When we talk to publishers and exhibitors, we discourage them from bringing booth babes – and encourage them to bring developers.

“Of course, exhibitors need to bring staff to the show, but they should be interesting, cool and exciting (Master Chief was /amazing/!) and knowledgeable (developers and publisher staff) rather than pretty girls in revealing outfits just for the sake of it.”

“For future shows we will be issuing formal guidelines: Booth babes are Not OK.”