Four Kixeye staff have been fired from the social developer following an investigation into claims of racism.

Earlier this week, a contractor to the studio wrote a blog post under the name of Qu33riousity detailing racial discrimination he and others suffered while working at the developer.

Today studio head Will Harbin revealed that his investigations into the matter lead to the firing of a team manager and three other staff, although he denied that the full list of accusations in the blog post was accurate.

"Immediately after I learned of these allegations, I personally interviewed members of the team to figure out what this was about," wrote Harbin on Twitter.

"While it's clear that not everything in the blog post was accurate, I did discover examples of embarrassing behavior that I find inappropriate for KIXEYE, or any other work environment. As a result, I immediately terminated the manager of the team in question and then three other employees who violated company standards as well. We have also taken steps to provide harassment training to the other members of the team, given the poor example set by their manager.

"I am doing my best to create a company where our employees love to work, with a culture of openness and tolerance to different points of view, styles, races, gender, orientation, religion and cultures. It turns out that a few bad apples weren't living up to the standards that the rest of us have set for our company.

The studio provided sensitivity training and regular anonymous company-wide surveys for employees, said Harbin, and an independent investigation of the allegations would prevent such incidents occurring again.

Kixeye was founded in 2007 as Casual Collective, and caters to the core end of casual with games such as Backyard Monsters and Desktop Defender.