Last year, the Australian Gaming Community got behind Movember, raising vital funds and spreading awareness for men’s health, specifically prostate cancer and male mental health. In fact, the guys did so well, they were one of the top national teams in Australia - a huge effort and one they should be very proud of.

This year, the guys are getting back together for another charity drive. They explain:

It is coming up to that special time of year again, the time when fashion gets thrown out the window, when facial hair becomes the norm and when hairy upper lips are not only expected but respected. That’s right it is nearly time for Movember and once again the Australian Gaming Community Movember team is jumping face first into the action.

2011 was the first year the AGC team partook in the Movember festivities and it was without doubt a wild success. Starting with an initial goal of 20 members and $2000 raised, the team blew that out of the park with 52 members raising over $11000 to support Men’s health initiatives. The team was ranked in the top 100 nationally and was the highest earning video game related team in Australia.

Team Captain Matt Hewson reflects on their success. “I couldn’t believe how well we did; I had started the team after finding out my godfather had been diagnosed with Prostate Cancer and hoped we could raise a little money to help out. When we had passed our initial goal before Movember had even started I was ecstatic. As the month went on, goal after goal was knocked over and to finish with over $11k was beyond anything I could have hoped for. It just goes to show how committed gamers are to helping a good cause.”

After such an impressive debut the Team is back for 2012 and is looking for fresh faces to fuzz. The team is looking to equal, if not out do, last year’s performance and to do that it needs new members. Matt elaborates. “This year is a whole new kettle of fish, I am happy to say my godfather is now in remission and things are looking great for him. The fact he is healing is due to excellent medical care and scientific research which is in no small part funded by charities such as Movember. So I am getting the band back together and we want new members. Join the team, have some fun and help both Prostate Cancer research and Male Depression treatment at the same time. If you can’t join please think about donating and if you are of the fairer sex we have a place for you too! All help is welcomed with open arms.”

The call is out, the time is nigh. All mo’s are welcome, from the tiniest little pencil mo to something Mario would be proud to call his own.

Please join the team on their Movember page, or follow their exploits on twitter @AGMovember or on Facebook and help support the cause.

Good luck, gents!