The “hassle factor” is what has kept 3D systems from being hugely popular, reckons Sony's UK boss Fergal Gara.

In an interview with Eurogamer, Gara elaborated on why his company had seemingly dropped 3D after pushing it so hard at E3 2011.

“Consumers decide how relevant it is. It's fair to say consumers have decided it's not hugely important at this time,” said Gara.

“Whether you look at movies or games, wearing the glasses and consuming 3D in that way in the home isn't hugely popular. That's just a fact.

“It's a capability we've got. It may have a bigger life a little further down the line. It's great we can do it. It doesn't seem to be the most powerful unique selling proposition at the moment, so you've seen us shift our effort onto fresh new exciting IP.”

Gara felt the glasses required for 3D viewing were the main reason for consumer indifference towards the technology, as they prevented a wearer’s attention from being elsewhere, even for a second.

“I haven't read detailed research on it, but the glasses will certainly be a big part of the hassle factor,” he said.

“I also think there's a bit of a difference between the highly focused viewing and the more casual viewing. In the home people tune in and tune out a bit, and doing that with glasses on and glancing at your tablet or pausing for a bit, compared to the cinema experience which is a solely focused experience, you know there is a difference emerging there.”

“We haven't seen any killer technology land on the market yet that proves a must have, and I don't have a firm view on whether that will happen,” he added.