According to Assassin's Creed III lead designer Alex Hutchinson, many designers sabotage their own games by making them too simple.

"A lot of games have been ruined by easy modes," he told Edge Magazine.

“If you have a cover shooter and you switch it to easy and you don’t have to use cover, you kind of broke your game. You made a game that is essentially the worst possible version of your game."

The problem was unique to gaming, he said.

"It’s like if I picked up a book and it said, 'Do you want the easy version or the complicated version?' [Game designers] can simplify the language, you know; we can make it two syllables."

However, if care was taken, a good balance between difficulty and player enjoyment could be struck.

"We’re not trying to make a brutally difficult game, so we go through all the playtest data and make sure it works," he said.

Yesterday director Hidetaka Miyazaki mentioned that he was considering the implementation of an easy mode for Dark Souls, a game celebrated for its unforgiving nature.