DayZ developer Dean Hall has joined Gabe Newell, Markus Persson, and Blizzard’s Rob Pardo – among others – in expressing some concern over the upcoming Windows 8.

Although he admitted that it was too early to say for sure, early news regarding Microsoft’s OS had not struck Hall as positive.

“There is some legitimate concern there, particularly for complex games that the PC market has a real hedge on,” he said.

“PC Games have always been gamers’ games – edgy and adapting fast. I do really agree with Gabe Newell’s comment that the one thing holding back Linux is gaming, and how significant gaming actually is to purchasers’ choices.”

“It’s definitely a concern – there are some worrying statements that make you wonder whether the intention is to try and emulate what their competitors are doing, or drive their own space through innovation. My preference is always for the latter.”

Hall appeared pleased with the current state of the PC market, however.

“There is quite an interesting market transition happening right now, that in a way DayZ got caught up in the middle of. With the consoles hitting the end of their life, it would seem PC gaming appears – in the short term at least – to be pushing forward pretty strongly.”