The Xbox 360 may be seven years old and counting, but it’s still helping Microsoft make record revenues.

Microsoft's quarterly revenue for the period ending June 30 hit an all-time high of US$18.06 billion (AU$17.32 billion), up from US$17.37 billion (AU$16.66 billion) for the same quarter in last year, the tech giant has announced.

Most of the revenue increase was thanks to the company's Business and Server divisions, which saw growth of seven and 13 per cent respectively.

Income from the Entertainment and Devices division, which contributed $1.78 billion (AU$1.71 billion) to the revenue total, has grown dramatically year-over-year largely due to the inclusion of Skype, but aided by the Xbox 360 leading console sales for 18 straight months despite sales being down on those in Q4 2011.

Xbox Live membership grew by 15 percent in the quarter.

"Even in the soft console market, Xbox 360 maintained its market share leadership position in the US," said Microsoft.