Medal of Honor: Warfighter and Battlefield 3 address different segments of the market and this is by design, says EA's Frank Gibeau.

According to the EA Labels boss, only half of the Medal of Honor community were Battlefield players, which demonstrated that the products were nicely divergent despite running on the same game engine.

"We are very careful that Battlefield and Medal of Honor stay differentiated," he said.

Medal of Honor was rebooted in 2010, straddling the divide created by 2009’s Battlefield Bad Company 2 and 2011’s Battlefield 3. Medal of Honor: Warfighter is due out on October 23.

"There is an inefficiency to having two different brands coming out alternating like that, [but] there is some upside. You don't have the annualized, sequel fatigue,” said Gibeau.

Fans of the Medal of Honor series preferred more authentic shooters, and enjoyed the Medal of Honor story, he said.

“With Medal of Honor we tried to embrace that the game is real. The multiplayer is different than Battlefield.”

"The trick is figuring out how to grow both of them together."