The stand-alone sequel to an award-winning Half-Life 2 mod is the latest game to hit Kickstarter.

Insurgency 2 is “a strategic, fast-paced and realistic first-person shooter“ for Windows PC and Mac, whose predecessor was voted mod of the year in 2007.

Developer New World Interactive is seeking US$180,000 (AU$176,800) to finish the sequel, money it says will be put primarily towards art direction.

“If our campaign is successful, we will literally put every single dime into making the game look as good as it plays, and work towards shipping as soon as possible,” said New World Interactive creative director Jeremy Blum.

Gameplay-wise, Insurgency 2 will resemble its forbearer.

“I like to think of the gameplay as a mix between Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear and Day of Defeat, which are two of our all-time personal favorites,” said Blum.

New features include a team-mate proximity indicator and king-of-the-hill-inspired ‘occupy’ game mode.

Maps are smaller and more linear this time around, a design decision based on the technical specifications of the engine, said Blum.

One of the game’s Kickstarter stretch goals is a console version, although US$800,000 (AU$781,000) would need to be raised to make that a reality.

So far, US$8,979 (AU$8,768) has been pledged towards the game, with 54 days remaining in the drive.