Double Fine’s Tim Schafer and Ron Gilbert believe games are art and furthermore, that the industry shouldn’t feel the need to seek approval from those on the outside.

“I feel like, we think it’s art when we make it… I think it’s art. I think most people who play them mostly think it’s art, if they think about it at all, so I think that’s kind of the end of the argument,” said Schafer.

“I’m sure there was a time when movies first started that they weren’t considered art, and it’s not like movies went to the world of literature and said, ‘Please, could you say that we’re art?’”

It was this validation-seeking that he felt was unnecessary and besides that, meaningless.

“[Film] didn’t ask permission from fine painting, they just did what they did and they took it seriously, and that’s where people started considering it art.”

“If you don’t think that video games are art, that’s fine, don’t think that they’re art,” Gilbert added.

“I do and a lot of other people do.”