A handful of brand-new triple-A IPs are under development at Harmonix, according to the company’s director of communications and brand management, John Drake.

Drake broke the news on the latest episode of Harmonix’s official podcast.

“Man oh man are we working on multiple – like, more than two – new triple-A IPs right now that we can't talk about at all," he said, taking care to emphasise that they were not tied to the company’s Dance Central or Rock Band franchises in any way.

The games in question would not be re-releases of Frequency or Amplitude either.

“I'm talking about new, crazy stuff," he said, “and not necessarily music stuff, either, at least not in the strictest sense”.

"Some of them are music games, some of them are not full-on rhythm action games. Some of them are brand new things that we created from our gut and brains here at Harmonix. Some are things that we're expanding the universe of."

More details would be available next year said Drake, before hinting that more Rock Band and Dance Central content was also in the works.