Street Fighter producer Yoshi Ono claims his recent collapse stemmed from overwork, but that Capcom are not doing anything about it.

Ono’s wife found him unconscious on the floor of the bathroom of their Osaka home in March, and he subsequently spent a week in hospital and recovering at home.

Doctors told him his blood pressure was similar to that of a person “who had just finished running a marathon”, he said.

Ono also claimed that when he returned to work, Capcom “didn’t even acknowledge that I had been in hospital”.

“When I returned to my desk there was a ticket to Rome waiting for me. There’s no mercy. Everyone in the company says: ‘Ono-san we’ve been so worried about you.’ Then they hand me a timetable and it’s completely filled with things to do.”

“Capcom doesn’t allow a trade union or any sort of worker movement you see. So if I complain I will probably get sacked. You have to say it for me, OK? I want you to write: ‘Capcom overworks Ono’. That’s your headline.”