Too Human developer Silicon Knights and Epic Games have finally met in court this month, following a five-year feud over Epic’s Unreal Engine.

The case, originally filed in 2007, looks to settle whether Epic used licence money from Unreal Engine 3 to fund Gears of War, to the detriment of the engine and thus other developer’s games.

Silicon Knights claim the problems it encountered with Unreal Engine 3 forced it to create a new game engine for Too Human, sending production costs spiralling.

Last year, a federal jury trial was approved for Silicon Knights’ list of allegations, which included unfair competition, breach of contract, and fraud.

Silicon Knights was initially seeking a cut of Epic's Gears of War profits.

However, a May 7 ruling by Judge James Dever III noted that Silicon Knights never supplied a breakdown of the damages it was seeking.

In an amusing twist, he subsequently assigned the value of one dollar US to each claim.

Silicon Knights may appeal the damages should it win the case.

The trial is expected to take another week, and will include testimony from Epic Games President Mike Capps, Silicon Knights President Denis Dyack, and Epic game developer Tim Sweeney.