The next big motion-sensing breakthrough will occur on this generation of the Kinect hardware, according to Microsoft Creative Director Kudo Tsunoda.

There has already been a lot of software-side innovation with the Kinect including finger tracking, object capture, and seated play, but fidelity will increase further and a major breakthrough is inevitable, said Tsunoda.

He attributed this to developers becoming more familiar with the device.

“Developers are just learning how to use the hardware and software platform better… People understand better how to develop on any kind of technology. You’re going to get better performance, better experiences, new inventions over time.”

Tsunoda was also positive about the future of Kinect-enabled hardcore gaming, citing Skyrim, Mass Effect 3 and Steel Battalion as examples.

“It’s great to see stuff showing up in more hardcore genres. And I think the way that people are using it in their experiences really shows the breadth of what Kinect can do… I think the constant evolution and innovation that you see in Kinect as a platform — it’s also really helping it to spread out to all different kinds of genres and experiences.”

“Yeah, I think Steel Battalion — it’s a great example of taking an experience that had already been done with controllers and completely reinventing it in a way that really uses Kinect as the centre of the experience. I think you can see — when you’re really re-envisioning an experience built from the ground up for Kinect, the kinds of deep, rich, immersive experiences that core gamers love can totally be achieved.”

“And while I don’t think we’re going to be there any time soon, I do think that you can see with Kinect and with 3D display technology the very initial building blocks and first steps of something like a Star Trek Holodeck experience coming together,” he said.