It looks like Kickstarter has seen its first attempt at a large-scale game fundraising scam.

The project in question was a fantasy RPG called Mythic: Gods & Men, whose Kickstarter campaign began last month with a goal of reaching US$80,000 in donations.

The scam was unearthed when posters on the Something Awful forums realised that the majority of the content on the game's Kickstarter page was cribbed from other sources.

It appears the project's "developers", Little Monster Productions, cribbed concept art and models from various design blogs, copied its reward tiers directly from fellow Kickstarter hopeful The Banner Saga, and claimed that images of offices copied from the website of Burton Design Group were its own.

Suspicions were raised early, when Little Monster claimed that its team included nine developers who "had left Activision/Blizzard in search of a better game creation environment", and that the game's animations would be done "via motion capture thanks to some friends at Disney/Pixar". Further, a May 2013 launch date would have given the "developers" little time to finish the game.

Little Monster initially responded defensively to the accusations on their Kickstarter page, calling them "false" and claiming the game to be "well in progress and NOT a scam of any kind".

However, three days ago the funding drive was cancelled without comment.

Kickstarter only transfers cash from pledges if a project funding goal is met, so none of the 83 backers who together raised $4739 for the now-mythic Mythic will lose any money.