You’re probably wondering what just happened.

You went to AustralianGamer, the trusted name in Australian gaming news and reviews since 2005. And you’ve ended up here, wherever here is.

“Here” is Gameplanet Australia. This is the new home of the loveable scoundrels who formed AustralianGamer.

Yug and I have been running AustralianGamer for approximately six years. In that time we've seen it change from a small hobby site run by two idiots, and evolve into a significant part of the Australian market. Run by two idiots.

Now it's time for us to take another step, up to a new level. A surprisingly short time ago we approached the great team at Gameplanet and found we had a lot in common, a shared vision of what gaming journalism should be. As a result we've decided to join the Gameplanet family. AustralianGamer is now Gameplanet Australia. This new identity will give us more resources, more reach, and a stronger site and community than we've been able to achieve on our own.

AustralianGamer is gone in name. But something bigger, better, and stronger is replacing it. Gameplanet Australia is run by the same people who ran AustralianGamer, and staffed by the same gallery of rogues.

As editor of the site you’ll be seeing me around a lot. Yug will also be a major part of the team again, focused heavily on local developers and the community. The rest of the team will be writing reviews, previews and other articles.

This is a very good thing. Gameplanet New Zealand is the preeminent site in the New Zealand gaming ecosystem. It’s well regarded by gamers as a reliable source of quality news. But it’s also renowned for the quality of its journalism both with readers in New Zealand and within the Australian games industry.

As Gameplanet Australia we will have greater resources than we’ve ever had before, with better access to preview and review games, and attend events that have been out of our reach, starting with extensive coverage at E3.

We’re all a-quiver with excitement about the possibilities this new change offers, and we look forward to making Gameplanet Australia something great.